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Introduction :                                            

Welcome to my website.. Before telling all of you about this website I want to tell the little background of this website because I have wasted my a lot of my precious time on this. :-) I am not a CS student . but I have a freaky mind about Computers. Internet and etc. and due to this interest I had created an account on webs.com in 2006. That was the time when i was not know that how to make a website but there was the craze on my mind that I will make my own personal website. I had wasted my whole nights on my computer just to learn that how can I make my own website. watched many online tutorials , CS languages lessons. but at the main time I left working due to my studies. But after a long time of 4 years I came back here because of my inner interest of making a quality website. and at that time I was thinking about to make my own blog . I wrote blogs on different topics. You can visit my blog page form here. But that was not enough. The main problem was that how to Grab others attention. There was many of ideas in my mind but due to some reasons I was to able to implement those ideas.

Cutting my story shorter now I am publishing this website and I hope you all will like this. Now these certain things are under my consideration.

  •  Add and maintain more categories in Forums area.
  •  Make a new template that is user friendly.
  •  Add some quality blogs in blog's area.
  •  And The most important task is to register a new domain for my website. I am thinking about to register on the name of ALL7 . but if anyone of you have some other good name in your mind than please let me know about your suggestions that what will be the domain name of this website .

And at the end I am hoping for the nice response from all of you. And feel free to tell me about some new ideas that how can we make more improvements to grab the attention of others.

 Thanks for your precious time. and Sing up for more fun..

Stay Blessed.. !!


Muhammad Sarim Masood.





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