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TASAWWUF and Realated Misconceptions

Posted by Saarim on May 1, 2010 at 1:32 PM

Since childhood i have heared alot of things about TASAWWUF , Sufia KARAM.i have told in my last blog that realated to Sifiyism that i dont. know why i love to listen KALAMS that have wriiten by sufiya karam.but i have also realized that i love to listen about the stories of AULIYA ALLAH. Thier Personel Experiences.

In Addition traditional Islamic scholars have accepted Tasawwuf as an important branch of Islamic learning.

But as i see in current envoirment that many people have a big misunderstanding about tasawwf.

One Big Mis conception about tasawwuf that i have noticed that People think that SUFIs teach praying at graves , Dancing , Music and other Innovations.

It is true that there have been, and currently are, people who have deviated from the teachings of tasawwuf, thus misrepresenting this science. This is not unique to tasawwuf. Our history is full of examples of people who called themselves scholars of tafsir, or hadith while misrepresenting the essence of these sciences. Each of the Islamic sciences is interlinked and bounded by its sister sciences. For example, a scholar of tafsir cannot interpret the Quran by contradicting the hadith. Similarly a true shaykh of tasawwuf (sufism) never breaks even the smallest tenets of the shariah or the sunnah.(tasawwuf.org)

One other big question that i have notices in our society that how can we judge that who is  right.?

Many of our scholars have addressed this question by listing the "signs" of a true shaykh. Needless to say the common principle has always been submission to the shariah, by following the teachings of one of the four schools of fiqh, and a complete submission to the inner and the outer of the sunnah. This is based on the idea that the Prophet SAL LAL LA HO WLI HI WA ALI HI WASALAM is the nearest and most God conscious of Allah's creation. His daily acts are an exemplification of how the most God-conscious of all of creation lived his life. For example, the Prophet's SAL LAL LA HO ELI HI WA ALI HI WASALM treating others with kindness, soft speech, humility, preference for white clothing, growing of a lengthy beard, use of the tooth stick, etc are all intentional acts of service to Allah. If someone lacks these sunnan, while claiming they can help bring you closer to Allah, know that they will eventually lead you to a dead end.(tasawwuf.org)

i think i should finish this now because LITE JANY WALI HA :D.and INSHALLAH i will try to explain about the basic teachings about this science as i read in my next blog..


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